Baked Dog Food

India’s 1st Brand Dedicated To Oven-Baked
Dog Food

Oven Baked For Health

As pet parents, nothing pleases us more than the sight of healthy, happy, playful dogs. And one of the ways to ensure that is to feed them the healthiest and the most nutritious meals possible – this is exactly what we are making possible with our oven-baked range of dry dog food. Read on to find out why oven-baked food is better than traditional extruded food.

Minimal Processing

The simplest reason perhaps is, it is just like you cook your food at home. Really, it’s that simple. At Tosh and Morinda, the food is ready in just 4 steps.

And the perfect dog food is ready with its aroma, nutrition, and crunchiness all intact.

Maximum Nutrition

Dry dog food is either extruded or oven-baked. In extrusion, ingredients are subjected to very high heat and pressure that leads to loss of significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. To make up for this loss, a coating of nutrients is added to extruded kibbles. Further, kibbles also lose their flavour at high temperatures, so a coating of flavour is added to bring the flavour back. In Baking, dough is cooked slowly in an oven at gentler temperatures preserving the nutrients and the natural flavour of the ingredients. This means our baked food has no coatings of any kind whatsoever. Right out of the oven into your pup’s food bowl.

Appetizing Aroma

Who doesn’t love the aroma of freshly baked foods, dogs included? Slow baking in an oven brings out a natural roasted aroma which dogs love. This makes our oven-baked food highly palatable to even the fussy eaters.

Dental Friendly

The natural crunchy texture of the baked food helps with dental health by reducing tartar buildup and promoting good oral hygiene.

Dense Nutrition

The baking process naturally removes some of the moisture from the ingredients so that the nutrients become more concentrated and are fully available when consumed by dogs. All our recipes have a moisture content of maximum 5% so that your dog can enjoy a nutritionally dense meal. Less moisture in food also ensures longer shelf life naturally.

Small-Batch Quality

We bake our food in small batches so that every batch receives the same care and attention to detail. This ensures consistency in quality and allows us to closely monitor the entire baking process, from mixing the ingredients to baking and cooling. With small-scale production, we prioritize quality over quantity, which allows us to quickly adapt to feedback and continually enhance our recipes.