Dive into the inspiring journey of Tosh & Morinda, where love for our furry companions led to the creation of something truly remarkable. Follow along as we share the highs, lows, and pivotal moments that shaped our story, and fuelled our commitment to healthier, happier dogs.

Mid 2022

Our Dog's Allergies

Our beloved dog, Chester, had severe food allergies for several months now. We tried various hypoallergenic brands but nothing worked. This meant he was put on a very restricted diet.

Nov 2022

The Birth of an Idea

Got the idea of making him homemade baked food which was naturally hypoallergenic.

Dec 2022

Preparation and Education

The next two months, we researched extensively on dog nutrition and on developing healthy and holistic recipes. Additionally, did a two-week intensive baking course at a leading Bengaluru institute.

Feb & Mar 2023

Recipe Development

We crafted and experimented with over 20 recipes (good news, Chester loved them all!). Finally, a perfect recipe was formulated, resulting in a visible improvement in Chester's allergies. He even went off his medication and had healthier digestion.

Apr 2023

Scaling Up

Explored the idea of making our homemade baked food available to more dogs. We contacted over 15 small-scale biscuit and cake manufacturers, as well as anyone with a FSSAI-certified baking facility in the Bengaluru region, but unfortunately, nothing worked out for some or the other reason.

May 2023

A Turning Point

Finally, approached the same institute where we had taken the baking course, and to our delight, they were enthusiastic about collaborating.

Jun 2023

A Heartbreaking Loss

Chester picked something off the street and ate it, which turned out to be toxic. After two days of treatment, he tragically passed away on June 11th. The loss of Chester brought everything to a standstill.

Sep & Oct 2023

Continuing Chester's Legacy

We set about to further refine the recipe. Multiple consultations with veterinarians and countless tasting sessions with furry friends ensured the recipe was not only 100% nutritionally complete but also delicious for most dogs. Added a second recipe, and officially registered our company as Akritrim Pet Nutrition LLP.

Nov 2023

Meeting Regulatory Standards

The next four months, the focus shifted to ensuring both the recipes met AAFCO standards. This involved minor adjustments to the recipes followed by rigorous lab testing. Shelf-life testing was carried out to determine the safe and usable life of the products.

Mar 2024

Launch and Beyond

First production run of our initial two recipes. The website, toshandmorinda.com went live, marking the beginning of a new chapter. This is more than just a business; it's a way to keep Chester's memory alive by helping other dogs with similar dietary needs.

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